Reading for class 1:

Readings for Class 2 - Elgin marbles controversy - Read full article for Readings 1-3, skim as much of 4 as you can
This is for our In-Class Cultural Patrimony Debate
Discussion: You will be divided into four groups in order to debate the issue of cultural property. The Parthenon marbles are currently owned by the British government and held in the British Museum. You will be asked to take the side of either 1) the Greeks 2) The British 3) Museum Directors worldwide 4) Conservators and Restorers.
A number of the relevant articles are linked below. Depending on which party you will be supporting, you may want to tailor your reading to the viewpoint you are defending, since the historical information remains the same. That said, you should be prepared to defend yourself against other viewpoints, so you may want to quickly skim all the articles below.

Other resources, mostly for class 1:

Images to know for Parthenon unit: